What We Do

Artisan wines

Our intention is to foster a symbiotic business relationship between importers and producers so that our importers enjoy value for money, and our artisan producers establish a stable distribution channel. At FAIR WINES, quality and integrity are respected as much as profit.

Excellent quality:

  • The producers have won several awards at major international wine competitions including Guide Hachette 2015, Decanter World Wine Competitions, 2017, and Sakura Wine Awards 2017.
  • The producers are selected by Aymeric de Clouet who is well connected to French wine producers due to his reputation and family connections.

Fairly priced:

  • The wines are undervalued as they are not yet recognised as they should be. The price list is available at your request.

Our unique services:

  • Our public relations work for our producers help raise their profile and facilitate sales/distribution to customers.